Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

Maximise productivity through an uncompromising commitment to quality

Mader Group’s uncompromising approach to quality means that our specialists deliver the finest results to ensure client projects deliver maximum productivity.

Delivering service excellence across the world, the Mader team have quickly forged a reputation as the industry experts in mobile and fixed plant equipment support. 

Our people are the heart of our business and our biggest investment. Every Mader employee moves our company forward. As such, we attentively screen every candidate before bringing them on board to ensure they are a perfect fit for our Company and a highly valuable addition to our clients. We also ensure continued industry expertise through regular upskilling including trade upgrades.

Today, we deploy over 1,400 highly skilled and dynamic employees, gaining our experience throughout the major mining regions of Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. A feat only made possible through sourcing and retaining the best workforce.

Together we create sustainable, world-changing solutions that impact lives around the globe.

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