Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

Shaping a proactive and innovative safety-focused workforce. Safer, Better, Mader.

Safety is paramount in the mining industry. That’s why we’re shaping a proactive and innovative safety-focused workforce.

Mader Group is committed to providing safe systems of work to deliver a risk-averse environment for Mader employees and clients alike - Safer, Better, Mader. We encourage a strong culture of safety through a series of initiatives, programs and extensive safety management that positively shapes our actions around key health and safety standards.

A preferred maintenance provider

Mader are a genuine OEM alternative and your dependabe maintenance partner. With a proven track record of providing skilled work safely in the most testing of mining environments, you can be sure Mader staff are committed to being 'Safer, Better, Mader'. By building on our enviable safety record, we aim to continue to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, while maintaining our reputation for quality work delivered on time.

MyOSH - Extensive safety management system

Prudently dictating our safety approach to daily operations, our safety management system ensures a risk-averse system of work and encourages a safe work environment at all sites through the elimination of practices and conditions that could lead to injury, equipment damage and disruption to operations. All Mader employees are competent and highly trained to identify hazards and risks, and to analyse and implement vital safety controls.

Access to safety

Building an open and transparent environment is crucial to ensuring a safe workforce.

  • All Mader employees have 24/7 access to Mader Safety Policies and Procedures through an online portal.

  • Mader Safety Shares and operational updates are communicated across managers weekly to ensure continuous improvement on daily operations across all departments with key updates distributed to the full workforce.

List of current policies

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy MA-POL-001

  • Quality Policy MA-POL-018

  • Environmental Policy MA-POL-006

  • Injury Management Policy MA-POL-003

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Policy MA-POL-005

  • Indigenous Employment Policy MA-POL-020

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy MA-POL-002

Please contact our Safety Officer if you require access to any of the above policies. 

Life Saving Rules

We keep ourselves, our mates and our clients safe by following 9 vital 'Life Saving Rules'. The following behaviours outline non-negotiable rules for all Mader employees whereby any breaches are followed with progressive disciplinary consequences.

  • I will isolate and confirm the isolation of all equipment before starting any work;

  • I will ensure all electrical energy sources have been identified and isolated;

  • I will use appropriate working at heights restraint equipment where required;

  • I will never work in the line of fire of a suspended load;

  • I will ensure my vehicle is safe for driving, I will drive responsibly and to conditions and I will ensure that a journey management plan is in place and followed when appropriate;

  • I will be fit for work while operating company equipment or vehicles;

  • I will proactively identify, report and take action on risks, incident and near misses;

  • I will wear/use all appropriate and supplied PPE for the task I am carrying out; and

  • I will only undertake a task when it is safe to do so after completing individual risk assessments for each job.

If employees are in a situation where they feel they may breach a Life Saving Rule, they are asked to stop work and consult their Supervisor or Manager.

Investing in wellbeing

Our strong name is the result of a solid foundation of happy and healthy employees we can count on. Our employees are our business and our biggest investment. Ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of each and every staff member is the key to building a resilient workforce.

  • Free and confidential counselling service for staff and immediate family members through our Employee Assistance Program
  • Health allowance included with employment 
  • Matching contributions at 4% for 401 (k) Plan
  • Regular office ergonomic assessments
  • Partnership with People Sense for workers compensation injury management

Growing Innovation - Safety innovation challenges

Mader believes that safety innovation is key to making industry advances and keeping our teams safe whilst also increasing productivity for our clients. With this in mind, Mader frequently runs safety innovation challenges among various divisions to give employees an opportunity to think outside the box and make a real difference to the workplace they operate in.

Our mechanically minded specialists are continually improving safety standards in their everyday operations with their safety products or procedures often implemented across the Company. Employee innovations are always recognised and rewarded with recent improvements as simple as adding a sun protection flap to hard hats to protect workers from the harsh sun.

Growing Leaders - Safety training for team leaders

As we continue to grow and remote management becomes more challenging, we are educating and equipping our leadership teams with the tools and knowledge to continue to be successful for better all-round business performance. We see success as a direct result of improved leadership within the organization. Our staff will not only perform better but will be more satisfied due to clearer leadership and direction. Our team leaders will be better equipped to deal with challenges and experience less stress as they develop their leadership skills. This helps us to build a flexible and adaptable organization that is scalable and effectively able to deal with change.

For any great organization, people are its most valuable asset. Our people are employed to achieve business goals. Our Safety Leadership training is an essential ‘enabler’ for bringing out the best in our teams. We are working to achieve a training pathway for our management, coordination team, and in-field team leaders. Continually improving safety in the workplace is an integral part of every organization and leadership skills are essential in order to encourage and support teams to perform at their best and to recognise and rectify safety and health risks in their workplace before accidents or incidents occur.


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